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Goodwork is a software package that will help you manage your work and improve the profitability of your company.

Simple to install and start running, the system adapts to any product, industry type and size of workforce.

Whatever industry you are in, you can improve efficiency in a few easy steps:


What is Goodwork?

It records and gauges your operations

A series of sensors positioned at key points along the production line constantly monitors the operation of your production line in real time. Its software detects any interruptions and stoppages, alerting you immediately when they occur.

It detects problems and helps to resolve them

The data collected is compiled into tailored reports and analyses, allowing you to make informed decisions about possible problems. This diagnosis is an essential tool for resolving issues, resulting in a faster and more efficient production line.

It raises performance and improves profits.

Goodwork offers a factory-wide view of your production process and identifies opportunities for improvement until maximum production is achieved. In other words, it allows you to increase profitability with minimum effort.

This is how it works.



First of all, we install sensors at various points along the production line.



Our software continuously processes the feedback from the sensors...



...and a screen monitors its status in real time, alerting to any alterations in the production process.



If the production line stops, the system automatically sends an alert enabling an operator to record the reason for the error after it has been resolved.



All the details are recorded in clear and detailed reports about the processes, indicating the points that may give rise to losses and the aspects that should be improved.



Processes that are optimised, well monitored, with no downtimes or slowdowns allows you to achieve full production capacity, cut losses and increase profits.

Good work!Good work!

With GoodWork, you will see the results right away: better productivity, greater control over your operations, an improved bottom line.

It’s as simple as that.


What do you need to begin?

Most importantly:
a desire to improve your profitability


This means the devices needed to collect the data from the production line: sensors, data card and a PC with a tactile screen from which to monitor the processes. Our team will establish which is the best location and will install the system.


Our application allows you to manage the data and view reports simply and intuitively. You can access them from any device with internet access, allowing you to stay informed constantly and in real time, from anywhere in the world.



We will take care of everything.

We carry out a prior survey of your facilities, identifying the key control points, we install the devices and set up the software so it is ready for use.

We also offer you a training course and an instruction manual.


The system requires very little maintenance.

However, we offer a 2-year warranty period, including labour and spare parts and 24/7 assistance to avoid any downtime.

Because we believe in GoodWork.


Company information

Goodwork is

The Goodwork system evolved out of our experience in Lean Manufacturing, a management and production model designed to obtain the best possible performance out of a process. We have distilled everything we know about this field into an application that gauges and records your production at each stage, controlling its efficiency at all times.

Goodwork is quality

Our system seeks profitability through quality. This means it allows you to produce more by helping you work better. It does this by monitoring the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), an objective parameter that indicates to what extent you are achieving maximum production capacity in your plant. In other words, Goodwork lets you know your margin for improvement and it helps you achieve it.

Goodwork is profitability

Our system takes immediate effect, producing results in the short term. As no costly investment is needed, it will pay for itself within a year. The impact on your bottom line depends on each case, but it invariably offers numerous benefits: it helps to improve the productivity of the workforce and improve the workflow, it cuts management costs and assists decision making. What is more, Goodwork is growing continuously. Any improvement we introduce to the system will be additional improvement for your company.

Are you an investor?

Make money with us.
Invest in GoodWork.

We are proud of our product, but it could evolve even more with your support. If you believe in Goodwork and you would like to take advantage of a great investment opportunity, we would be delighted if you joined our project.

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